Melted glass

I love how refined your hypocrisy is,

You are an advanced version of Lucifer,

Yet that I can’t decipher,

because you leave me in pure bliss.

You are the real definition of an idiot,

But it seems I second you in idiocy,

I follow your tracks,

With my mouth open ajar,

And my tongue hanging out like a hungry dog,

You have made me a puppet.

Just where did you get these skills?

because I feel I can do better.

You set me to the Havens,

And from your palms I was swallowed by hell,

My scars say this story is not a good one to tell,

But I have become adamant.

I don’t know how you made it to be my eye candy,

Yet you have left me with an effect of an onion,

All teary and scared,

That men will make promises,set me to the moon,melt me like hot glass or better yet crush me like porcelain.





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