The brain last

A few glances,

and her heart dances.

Not to happiness,

but to sheer nonsense.

A few hellos

and she lost her senses,

her eyes following nothing closely,but his quick paces,

from one corner to the other,

just a smile and no word,would he utter,

and her heart was snatched.

She never gave it willingly,

yet everything happened so suddenly,

all because of her naivety.

This was not a chapter in a novel,

where scenes are planned before they unravel,

it was a reality,

but she lived it like fantasy.

Every chapter passed like a short play,

action without delay.

This is what she can narrate,

a story with which she can relate.


A stranger took her to the skies,

and just as time flies,

he blew her like a missile.

A play well drafted,like war,

and slowly but sporadically,

she made a familiar headline,


She was a heroine until then,

when she conceded defeat,

one that left her unfit,

not with a broken rib or blotched eyes,

but with silent cries, and fear to face the world.

Her story charred,

tantamount to vandalized houses,

She recounted her steps into a raw deal,

one that led her dignity to peel.

Her actions came first,

and the brain last!






6 thoughts on “The brain last

  1. You’re a talented poet! Dropping by from the A-to-Z Challenge to say hi… not sure if you’re still participating, since I couldn’t see the badge anywhere (if you are, you might want to add it, before other visitors scratch you off as non-active). So glad I clicked on this post, though—and really looking forward to a whole month of your poetry 🙂

    Guilie @ Life In Dogs (and member of co-host Damyanti’s team, D’s Company )

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