To my daddy

There are times when life proved to be a smack down,

It overpowered you that you felt so down.

Your heart wept inside

and it was hard for you to decide.

Even though you looked for solace,

a bit of it you couldn’t trace,

Reality for you was hard to embrace

A feeling of weakness,could have led to your disgrace.

You sacrificed a lot for me to be literate,

And I promise you no regret.

I’m here to be the best

failing,is what I detest.

I know I’ll emerge a winner in this test,

To my Lord I attest,

I must bring back your happiness.


You went through a lot

that I,now understand that,life is a hustle

Indeed it is an activity worth  a struggle.

From your peers you were left out

but I appreciate your patience.

Riches to you wasn’t worth your childrens’ future


Daddy I know,

that at many times we proved to be a big blow

to that,which you call ego.

But we’ve already emerged champions.

You become ill quite often

but that,doesn’t make you soften,

You’ve proved to be a Hero among your brethren.

They left you and you they laughed at

but you laughed last,

and laughed best.


Tattered clothes have never been my attire,

Even when your occupation insisted,”retire”.

Malnourishment has never been our reason

and our life has ever been full of freedom.

You well know how to raise your children,

Their behavior has never been a complain.


Even at your tender age,

Sometimes life filled you with rage

Grey hair has betrayed your age

but today our family turns a new page.

We emerge the best

and make you stand out from the rest.

We’ve come this far

and with life,we are at per.


School fees has never been an issue,

because we never went past the date of issue.

We were always on time

even though life,wasn’t a soft lime.

We are making it right now,

You don’t work for me to compensate you

but for,my future to be true.

You may sometimes scold

but towards you,I’ll never grow cold.


Even if it will be a hard try,

your orders I’ll never defy.

You are always there

when I,need you to be there

and to your advice,I’ll always adhere.

I don’t wish to leave it here

but in my,life you will always appear.

You are a donor

and a true sponsor

though bankrupt,you don’t withdraw,

I will always LOVE YOU!

By Extrathoughts




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