When you see me,

You think I’m bound by luck,

Just because I fight tears,

you think I’ve got no fears.

But let me prove you wrong,

You say I never cry,

Just because in my life you don’t pry.


Take that surgical blade,

from which those quacks fled.

Follow the guidelines I give you,

Till you slice my heart,

And see how I hurt.


Make sure your visions are clear,

Study my heart with so much keenness dear,

And see how wet its soaking.

I feign that smile,

Even when happiness isn’t as near as a mile.


Watch my steps as I walk,

And you will see clear those are not my footprints,

What I leave behind are not my footprints,

I hurt everyday as if sadness is my natural blueprint.

Watch me wander,

And you will see me further.


Watch past these happy eyes,

Place your eyes on the right angles,

And with so much caution study me through,

I’m a copyrighted work of an artist.

An artist,who,sometimes paints me black,

Or sprays me bright,

Exactly when his mood is right!






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