You hold back

Sometimes you hold back whatever is of value.You hold back your tears,fears and unknowingly run mad.You hold back your entire life at the expense of your success,your long strides despite the distance,you withstand the nuisance despite its annoyance.You hold back your future till it becomes blurred,turn down breaks your heart to painless pieces and you feel it within oozing stainless blood.You grieve inside a sorrow not visible to the person beside as if,to them you’ve become invisible.You hold back your excitement just to listen to the “pain” of this person beside who, hushes you as if you have useless dots to share instead of their pointless points to hear.To them you come last like the door they slam behind.You hold back the most important thug as if he’d committed no crime other than attempting to steal a rusted ancient coin and on his behalf deserve a life sentence.You hold back what is justice as if you are doing injustice,practice because its right not just because you have to hold hold back until you can’t no more because the center orbiting you crashes and holding back proves no more…


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