Jesuses and Judases

We never got a chance,

A chance to have each others glance.

Ever since the very first and last,

When over a slice of Festive,

We became repulsive,

And towards each other we grew offensive.

It was life then,

One different from when,

We last met,

And farewell pained us all.

Yet it still life now,

when I still wonder how,

we meet and still each other we assume.


Its not to me a surprise,

Because every encounter has a price.

However much you I assume,

It hasn’t ever been for me to fume,

At this enemy a relationship I try to resume.

In a journey abandoned at its eleventh hour,

Is a memory I will hold till power,dies in a heart,

Left in blackout because of a fallout,

That you made an enemy create in you.


My cry of anguish,

Anguish drowned by laughter.

A laughter suppressed by hatred and malice.

What brought us together?

Is a question its answer I hardly can gather.

Its life,

so was our story,

An episode of a hero and a traitor .

An opera of unity and desertion,

A theater of determination and skepticism.


So was the story,

Of Jesus and Judas,repeated in the 21st century,

But ours now with much more sophistication,

Plastic smiles and concealed master plans,

So it was my friend,

So it will be,till change comes,

Jesus and Judas will be.



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