I have been doing my main exams from the beginning of this week and I guess the shocker has made me incapacitated in some way(Don’t ask me how!). I’m not a serious into books and education person,I only read some hours before each paper.So last night while commenting on this post and liking the other,unfriending friends and confirming friends in Facebook, I remember Development Journalism(the unit I sat for earlier today) has got endless and a variety of pamphlets to read(though I have no idea where I threw those pamphlets!)so I console myself that I have got a whole night ahead of me.

Having set my program for the night, I continue with my Facebook scrolling and by the time I logged out my eyes were glued with sleep.So I get ready for bed, switch my lights off and start reaching for the bed like a blind lady.I finally feel the bed with my hands and decide to dive to sleep(I miss the bed several times and hit the floor quite hard).

After three or four times of falling I carefully find my way and reach for the phone in the charger.(lucky me my socket is next to the bed)When I have sleep,WI-FI and charger, my world is complete.

As per the program line up(the hopes I set while Face-booking) I set my alarm to be up by a half past two in the morning but sleep gets in the way and without noticing I set the alarm to be 5 days and 48 minutes from now(last night at 22:12 hours East African time).
I wake up today in the morning at a half past six and I start by confirming whether strong I had set the alarm last night and I find it on reading 4 days and some minutes remaining.

I slap the idiot ism in me and get to work(searching for my pamphlets,the messiahs of the day)

Make it nothing more than a whisper!

Keep it low,

Let every word come at a pace so slow.

Deem it a secret,

And I guarantee no regret.


Look! I’m like you a human,

So please consider it fair not to hurt me.

Let your talk be nothing more than a whisper,

A whisper not equivalent to a rumor,

And still I insist,

Within the gossip blend some sense of humor.


Don’t take it on me so beastly,

I’m not naive but that’s the only conclusion that comes easily.

So please try not to paint yourself holly,

By making me and Satan look friendly,

While in the real sense you are his accomplice,

I wonder what mission you are trying to accomplish. Continue reading